Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweat, Spike, and Alcohol: April 18, 2008, Dayo Bar

As expected, I was late for last Friday's gig at Dayo Bar called Pin-oi Punk or Else. Arrived at around past ten at Betty Go-Belmonte St. and saw a little bit of everything outside the bar: punks, skins, hc, crusts, etc. Got inside and felt a sudden urge to kick myself for my tardiness. The act Nekbu (fronted by Bunek, a lady who can belt out one Descendents song after another effortlessly) was playing their last song that time, and I wanted to see them live but I missed them. Maybe next gig.

(I know. I missed so many bands. I'm listing the few bands that I have seen that night. :( )

Grabbed a bottle of beer in time for the next act, The GoSignals. The band is made up of ex-Private Stock Mel Maniego, his brother, Throw's bassist Dennis, and Spyk, Bunek's son, a young man showing tremendous promise as a ferocious drummer. The GoSignals gave a pretty solid performance as they played covers of The Jam, The Clash, and Private Stock's Future Generation. Against Man, a band that derives its contituents from the Malabon-Navotas area, followed suit, again stirring up restless souls on the mosh pit.

The GoSignals: Dennis, Spyk, Mel

Against Man!

It must be the combination of the summer heat and the alcohol that was giving me migraine, but heck. Throw was already onstage. Al Dimalanta and the rest of the band have always been consistent. Spyk, who was rivalling Albert Ascona for the most number of bands playing that night, was once again pounding the drumkit to the delight of the punks...and the punkettes ;)

Throw's Al Dimalanta

Up next was Tame The Tikbalang. What can I say. This band is awesome, though I wish they would write more materials. Maybe there lies the charm of Tame The Tikbalang: you know they are around, but you will never know what they are up to, or when they will be making one of their rare but anticipated appearances. Tame's drummer, John Persius Carpio, is arguably one of the best drummers of his generation.

Tame The Tikbalang: Russell, Aries, Boyet

John Persius Carpio

Music Front is just as enigmatic. Sightings at the most unexpected places have been reported: Club Dredd, Dayo, Liwasang Bonifacio. The lads are getting tighter as a unit. They sang an original, some Sex Pistols, and some Urban Bandits, including "News Of The World" the words to which was recited for the most part by Hard K's Jun Idiot. It was frenzy. Hard K played next, this time with Jun Idiot on the mic. By this time I had lost most semblance of physical wellness. No amount of ice cubes can soothe my throbbing temples, and my gait was swinging aimlessly despite having had only a few bottles. I simply remember being brought to a hospital called Sausage (oh, it's not a hospital then?) before losing track of what happened for the rest of the night. Fun night, fun night, on the whole. I must not forget to bring a bottle of Avamigran next time though. See you in the next gig.

Music Front: Je, Arnold

Jun Idiot

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