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Trash Radio Manila Episode 15 Part 3: Collective Thinking

Here, at last, is Part 3 of Episode 15.

A collective denotes a gathering of people sharing a common goal. In the underground music scene all over, the collective plays a significant role in providing a variety of both music and viewpoints, in uplifting general consciousness regarding issues that besiege the nation and the world, and, (if the collective is worth its salt) in getting its members to take a unified stand on issues that the collective is passionate about. Simply put, and oftentimes it has been said, there is unity in diversity.

With this in mind, Trash Radio Manila recognizes the role that the music collectives play in keeping the scene alive AND healthy. Thus we dedicate this segment to the collectives. Presenting, the playlist:

1. HIT PARADE - "More Faces"
2. CONFLICT - "Radio Trash"
3. MIHARA - "Lifestyle"
4. SIDELINE - "One Voice Asia"
6. COBRA - "No Money"

If you want a better-sounding copy of the playlist, click here.

First off the list is the Irish band Hit Parade. Their song "More Faces" appear in the album Bad News, which is essentially the band's stand on the issue of the role of the British Government in Northern Ireland. "Britains role in Northern Ireland, both on the streets and in legislative methods is clearly repressive and designed to keep in check a rebellious section of the population...which seeks to take control of and responsibility for its own future", the statement goes. This record was released by Crass Records in 1982. Crass Records was set up in 1979 by the band Crass so that they could release their second album Stations Of The Crass. You can read about the history of Crass Records as written by Crass' drummer Penny Rimbaud, no less, here.

Up next is Conflict, which as you may know is an anarcho-punk band that was formed in London in 1981. In the playlist is "Radio Trash"which comes from the Do Not Question Authority Mudcrow Bootleg. Conflict put up their own label called Mortarhate, which also releases works from Icons of Filth, Liberty, Lost Cherrees, and Hagar the Womb. It should be noted too that Conflict once appeared in Crass Records via the EP The House That Man Built which came out in 1982. Conflict, which continues to tour but is presently hindered by Colin Jerwood's neck injury, can also be found in their MySpace site here.

From Great Britain, we go to Southeast Asia. Out of Sta. Rosa, Laguna comes Mihara, a 4-piece hardcore band formed in 2004 that is presently playing mostly within the Southern Luzon circuit. These guys have a good number of gigs coming up: they will be part of the Pilipinas Hardcore gig slated on May 31 at Al's Bar in Paranaque; also, they will be supporting Singapore's Sideline at The One Voice Asia tour to be held in Cebu City on June 21. Check out the posters at the siderail for the particulars. More details re Mihara's gigs can be read on their MySpace site here. Their cd is released by Unitedxonexblood Records alongside works of bands like Piledriver and Groundzero, to name a few.

And speaking of Sideline, these rollicking boys from the lion city also have a song in our playlist, the title of which also happens to be the apparent goal of their own record label One Voice Records: to provide a unifying voice for bands from the Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines as well as for the rest of the world who share their advocacy. As stated in One Voice Record's site: We came here for the same reasons. Everything is about ask.

Time to go to Japan. We are featuring the songs of two Japanese bands whose cds sort of found their way in our players straight from music heaven. Not much has been written about Genkaku Allergy (save for that superbrief article on Wiki); it is only known that the band came up with the album Mouth To Mouth in 1992. Anyone who could tell me more about Genkaku Allergy? Maybe someone from the band? :D Cobra, as far as I know, is credited for being the first Japanese Oi band. In 1991, the band released Cobra Indie Omnibus '82-'86. Out of this album comes the song that should apply to the majority, "No Money".

So there, six songs to see you through in the next few days. Stay tuned for an upcoming ska segment as we bring you a preview of another great show to go to in June. Skaramouche, a ska band from Switzerland, is visiting the islands for a tour, supported by Coffee Break Island and The Spaceflower Show. We'll also have a tribute to the now-defunct Angono Ska pioneers Neighbors. Want more details? As has been said a hundredfold: all you have to do is keep looking at the light.

Photos and logos of Hit Parade, Conflict, Mihara, Sideline, and One Voice Records come from the sites, just click on the linkies. The pics of the cds are, well, mine.

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