Friday, May 23, 2008

The Skaramouche Philippine Tour (plus CBI, Spaceflower Show, and Neighbors)

As I have stated in my previous post, we will be featuring Skaramouche, a Swiss Ska band set to do a series of gigs here in the Philippines on June. Formed in 2002, Skaramouche is a 9-piece band fronted by Delphine Lyner, and so far they have released two albums, the latest of which is called No Exit. Skaramouche have also been actively touring their region in 2007, promoting the said album.

The first of Skaramouche's gigs will be held at Chakiks in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, on June 6. They will be playing at the Mandarin Hotel in Makati City on June 7, after which they will be going to Gingoog City for an open-air gig on June 13. Next stop will be at Cagayan De Oro City for another night of their brand of ska on June 14. Cebu is also included in the itinerary: Skaramouche will be skanking at The Outpost in Lahug, Cebu City on June 20. The band will be back in Manila on June 21 and will be performing at the Fete de la Musique at SM Mall Of Asia at 8pm, and at Handle Bar at Polaris St., Makati City at 10pm.

Front acts for the Chakiks and Handle Bar gigs will be The Spaceflower Show and Coffee Break Island. Check out Skaramouche's official site here or take a look at their Myspace site for more details about the band.

We have prepared a cool playlist consisting of songs from The Spaceflower Show, Coffee Break Island, and Skaramouche. We reserved the last track in the playlist for a song from the Angono ska pioneers, Neighbors. The lads, it seems, called it quits last April, putting an end to nearly 13 years of skanking Neighbors style - you would know what I mean when you've seen them live, at least once. I know not of any details (this is not a chismis blog anyway, so don't go asking me why :D); you can check out their site though. Click here for more Neighbors-related stuff.

We wish Neighbors the best in their future endeavours; this playlist also serves as a send-off of sorts to the boys.

Now for the playlist:

1. COFFEE BREAK ISLAND - "Ranking Full Stop"
2. SKARAMOUCHE - "Offbeat"
3. SPACEFLOWER SHOW - "Acrobatic Love"
4. COFFEE BREAK ISLAND - "Let YOu Go" (demo)
5. SKARAMOUCHE - "Too Much Hamlet"
6. SPACEFLOWER SHOW - "SKangarude"
7. NEIGHBORS - "Angono Ska"

For high-res playlist, tick here.

Photos of Skaramouche and Neighbors come from the band and their respective sites.

Have a great weekend, people. Be sober, be good.


Anonymous said...

when are skaramouche leaving? i havent had a chance to see them at all!

Marika and friends said...

i'm sorry, but skaramouche have already left last jun 22 (at the height of the typhoon) after their farewell show in handle bar in makati. the poster of their gigs have appeared in our siderail and the schedules announced in our previous posts...