Friday, May 9, 2008

There and Back Again: Two Gigs To Watch Out For

There are two up and coming gigs that I personally want to see, if only I have the gift of even just a short-distance teleportation.

The first gig is called Friday Distortion 2, which will be on May 23, 2008 at Music Garage, Queens St., Singapore. Produced by Prohibited Projects, this mosh affair features Choke Cocoi, the all-female hardcore band off Lucena City, and T.S.A., old school hardcore outfit from Bulacan. Playing with them are Singapore's very own Subtle Revenge, Secret Seven, Pazahora, and Distrust. Do check out the links; you guys ought to hear these Singaporean bands. This party of noise starts at 8pm and will set you off at 6 bucks. Somebody take me to Singapore in two weeks! Any takers? None?

Ok, then. There's another gig to look forward to. On June 21 (that's a whole lot of time for you to adjust your schedules and finances, unless erratic is your middle name), One Voice Records, the Singapore-based punk and hc distro/collective which specializes in featuring bands mostly from the Southeast Asian Region, teams up with Cebu's Struggle For Radical Action to give you One Voice Asia Unite! The gig features Singapore's Sideline, supported by a host of bands from Laguna, Davao, Iligan, and of course, Cebu:

1. Mihara (from Laguna)
2. Piledriver (from Laguna)
3. Groundzero (from Laguna)
4. Eightounce (from Laguna)

5. As A Whole (from Davao)
6. Clobberin' Time (from Davao)

7. Delmonstros (from Iligan)
8. Outnumbered (from Iligan)

9. Queen City Crew (from Cebu)
10. Shrapnel (from Cebu)
11. Left Of Center (from Cebu)
12. Jewels of Delilah (from Cebu)
13. Vampire State (from Cebu)
14. No! (from Cebu)
15. Toxic Orgasm (from Cebu)
16. Self Will (from Cebu)
17. Guilttoflow (from Cebu)
18. Substance 32 (from Cebu)
19. Gardo (from Cebu)

Opening acts: Strictly Da Real, 7 Months Later, and Tableau Of Terror.

Interested? Then head over to ZZubu Rockbar over at Colon in Cebu City on June 21. Noise starts at 4pm. Door costs Php35, but I see merch of all forms flooding the venue (I also smell buwad from the market nearby, nyum!), so maybe you would like to bring a little extra.

So there you are, two gigs to watch out for. I know there's a whole lot more; will keep you people posted. See y'all at the gigs!

Photo credits: Choke Cocoi and No! from their respective websites; Mihara pic courtesy of the band (thanks Jay!)

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