Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 3 Part 2: All-Pinoy. O, Di Ba?

Today's segment is testament to the often-neglected fact that the Filipino artist is as creative as he is socially and politically aware, and all he needs is the proper venue, sufficient logistics, and your support.

Coming from the self-released album Sampol, which is the acoustic precursor to the studio release Flipino, is "Tuyo," Dong Abay's ode to things we take for granted and more. The track is followed by "Satanas" by Plazma-Marlowe-Choc, from the indie-released Dekoding Rhythm compilation by the Ampon hip-hop collective.

The Mindrape track comes from several years back courtesy of Cebu's S.R.A. (Struggle for Radical Action) punk collective that has remained steadfast through the years. Fresh for 2008 is the Dirty Shoes Collective release called Know Your Enemy, from which comes "Oras Sa Kamay" by Suspeks. If you want a copy of this album, you can write Dirty Shoes Collective at dirty_shoes_records(at)yahoo(dot)com. Or, as the collective says, "Punta na lang silang tandem, marami doon."

Signal 3 is a defunct Fil-Am street-punk band, with the album Kingsley United featuring the anthemic "Kapit-Kamay." The segment ends with the band called Einstein Chakras and their contribution to the Rock Against The Round Compilation CD. "Hangga't Maaari (Ayokong Pumatay)" is a fitting finale to this inspiring set of songs.

Sana'y maibigan niyo at tangkilikin ang sariling atin. Mabuhay ang musikong Pinoy!

1. DONG ABAY - "Tuyo" (from Sampol CD)
2. PLAZMA-MARLOWE-CHOC - "Satanas" (from Dekoding Rhythm Compilation CD)
3. MINDRAPE -"Standards" (from Eight And Counting S.R.A. Compilation CD)
4. SUSPEKS - "Oras Sa Kamay" (from Know Your Enemy Compilation CD)
5. SIGNAL 3 - "Kapit-Kamay" (from the Kingsley United CD)
6. EINSTEIN CHAKRAS - "Hangga't Maaari (Ayokong Pumatay)" (from Rock Against The Round Compilation CD)

Playing at the defunct Kolumn bar last February 2006: Einstein Chakras


Anonymous said...

Support the local underground scene!!! = >

Marika and friends said...

mabuhay ka dave, at mabuhay ang lahat ng nagmamalasakit sa musikong pinoy!