Monday, January 21, 2008

Trash Radio Manila PREMIERE EPISODE Part 3: It's All A State Of Mind

Welcome to the 3rd installment of Trash Radio Manila's Premiere episode.

The playlist:

1. TAME THE TIKBALANG - "Backstab"
2. THROW - "Akin 'Yan"
3. ST. BUSHMILL'S CHOIR - "Goddamn Shame"
4. FLOGGING MOLLY - "Within A Mile Of Home"
5. PAMA INTERNATIONAL - "If You Want Me To Stay"
6. STEVIE WONDER - "We Can Work It Out"
7. NOUVELLE VAGUE - "Sweet And Tender Hooligan"

More often than not in life we find ourselves wanting so bad to go against the grain, so to speak. This human yearning comes in a great number of forms, sparing no creed nor race.

So maybe you'd find yourself wondering. Tame The Tikbalang and Throw back to back with St. Bushmill's Choir? What the heck is Stevie Wonder and his groovy Beatles cover doing in the list? So do Pama International and their trippy interpretation of Sly And The Family Stone song? And isn't Nouvelle Vague, errr, bossa? Where's the consistency in all of that? Go figure. It's all a state of mind.

In photos: Al Dimalanta of Throw, Stevie Wonder (c/o Agencia Brasil), Nouvelle Vague live at the HKCEC last May 2007.

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