Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 2 Part 1: Rare Vinyl, CD Rarities, And Then Some

For our second episode, we are featuring a cut off a rare vinyl, a couple of rare CD tracks, and a sprinkling of songs that, well, we have not heard for quite sometime.

Part 1 kicks off with a band called Farside. Originally released in 1990 as Crisis Records #1, the "Keep My Soul Awake" was Farside's first release as well as the first release for the new Revelation Records sub-label. There are four much revered songs that are exclusive to this EP; "Hero" opens the wax.

This is followed by a rare version of Sugar's bittersweet song "If I Can't Change Your Mind," coming off the "Besides" album.

Next are Descendents and Circle Jerks with the songs "Wendy" and "Jerks on 45," respectively. (Ever thought about the number and the title of pop songs included in the Jerks medley?)

A song from the short-lived group Cowboys International is in the list as well. Cowboys International counts the likes of Terry Chimes (original drummer for The Clash) and Keith Levine (ex-Clash, PIL) as its members.

Also included is a track off "Please Describe Yourself," an album from the Scottish band Dogs Die In Hot Cars.

Lastly, the extremely luscious Louise Wener sums up the playlist with her band Sleeper's single off their debut, "Smart". That song could probably sum up the sentiments of some people I know. It could actually be your song, and mine too.

1. FARSIDE - "Hero"
2. SUGAR - "If I Can't Change Your Mind"
3. DESCENDENTS - "Wendy"
4. CIRCLE JERKS - "Jerks on 45"
6. DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS - "I Love You 'Cause I Have To"
7. SLEEPER - "Delicious"

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