Sunday, January 27, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 2 Part 3: This Is Pop!

Melodies that get you singing in an instant, crisp guitars, lyrics that make you go hmmmm, hooks at the right places. Everyone loves a really good pop song at one time or another; it is actually a good barometer of how inspired the artist is. Put in another way, it is quite difficult for an uninspired artist to come up with a great power pop tune.

Episode 3 ends up with a segment called "This is Pop!" Today's pop darlings Arctic Monkeys and Pigeon Detectives comprise the playlist, as well as veterans The Romantics and Bram Tchaikovsky with the hit "Girl Of My Dreams."

We have also included The Plimsouls, better known as Josie Cotton's back-up band in The Valley Girl soundtrack, and The Nerves. The Nerves originally did "Hanging On The Telephone," a song popularized by Blondie, and later on remade by Deadline.

So far we are getting positive feedbacks on the site and on our playlists. Our thanks to you guys who have continuously kept us company. And yeah, keep it dirty, keep it fun.

This is Pop! Playlist:

1. PIGEON DETECTIVES - "Romantic Type"
2. THE ROMANTICS - "Tomboy"
3. ARCTIC MONKEYS - "A Certain Romance" (Acoustic Live at Beat 106FM)
4. THE NERVES - "Hanging on the Telephone"
5. THE PLIMSOULS - "Hypnotized"
6. BRAM TCHAIKOVSKY - "Girl of My Dreams"

Photo credits for Pigeon Detectives: Ali Valium

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