Friday, January 25, 2008

Trash Radio Manila EPISODE 2 Part 2: On Target

For this segment, we pay tribute to that familiar target sign used by the British R.A.F.

And of course when we do refer to this target sign bands like The Who and Ocean Colour Scene easily come to mind. The playlist is as follows:

1. THE WHO - "Pictures Of Lily"
3. THE VAPORS - "Lenina"
4. PRIVATE STOCK - "Have More Fun"
6. LITTLE MURDERS - "She's The One"
7. THE JAM - "Burning Sky" (from The Jam Live At The BBC)

We deem it apt to include a cut from an incredibly rare release from the local band Private Stock, which played in the legendary Brave New World Series of the 80s. The band counts Mel Maniego, currently of The GoSignals, as among its alumni.

Just in case you're wondering why The Vapors is included in the playlist, The Jam's Bruce Foxton produced and heavily influenced the band. Sure, "Turning Japanese" was a runaway hit, but rest assured that the rest of their two albums' cuts were killer.

My partner in this blog site (I'm sure you guys know him by now) specifically requested that we include a rare version of The Jam's "Burning Sky," taken from CD3 of The Jam Live At The BBC CD set, and dedicate the song to "The Class of 1984," or so they call themselves when they're drunk. A line from this song goes:

"...then we’ll all be happy and we’ll all be wise and together we will live beneath the Burning sky."

Come to think of it, this may probably be Paul Weller's own way of looking at coming to full circle....

Have a good weekend y'all.

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