Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 3 Part 1: It's A Psychobilly Freakout!

Before we go to our spanking new episode, let me give you a little quiz on psychology.

1. If I smash your head with a bottle of Empoy and then tell you "I'm sorry, I know I have really bad violent tendencies but I could not resist the urge to break heads" while you lie down exsanguinating to death, does that make me a neurotic or psychotic?

2. Does playing with the emotions of my mate and holding said mate in emotional blackmail (because I derive immeasurable pleasure from it) make me a psychopath?

3. True or False: Psychosis, translated literally, means "sick soul."


While you ruminate on the answers (as well as on the troubles of the universe), let us give you Part I of Episode 3 which we call "It's a Psychobilly Freakout!" for you to listen to. (Yeah, we nicked the title off the Mighty Reverend.)

The playlist:

1. PHANTOM ROCKERS - "Brand New Cadillac"
2. ELVIS HITLER - "Berlin to Memphis"
3. THE BEATLE CRUSHER - "Little Girl"
4. THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT - "It's Martini Time"
5. BATMOBILE - "Slapping Suspenders"
6. NEKROMANTIX - "Horny in a Hearse"
7. HETTEN DES - "Ace of Spades"

Special thanks to our friends at Drunkabilly Records (cheers, Christian!). You can check out the Drunkabilly Records website here.

Also, check out the Japanese group The Beatle Crusher. If you fancy their Rock Candy cd, you can get one at 29.99 euros at Amazon.

Finally, get a load of Hetten Des' moonshine cover of a Motorhead classic. Got your horses and lasso ready?

So, there you have it. And oh, did you guys do well in the quiz?

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