Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tonight Is Weslu's 1st Death Anniversary Tribute Gig! (Plus A Peek Into Last Night's MAIM Event)

Are you ready for tonight's event?

(In photo: Kids kind of refusing to pose for a snapshot. Taken beside Maru Bar, Jupiter St., Makati.)

Bisikleta Productions' first main event of 2008 is its tribute gig in celebration of Luis "Weslu" Guiang's 1st death anniversary. Titled "Your Humble Musical Servant," the gig features heavyweight bands such as G.I. and The Idiots, Throw, The GoSignals, The Nu Militants, Juan Pablo Dream, Bembol Rockers, Neighbors, Coffee Break Island, Shuffle Union, Earthlings, Against Man, and the reformed Music Front fronted by no less than Arnold Morales. Do show yourself up at 8pm at Purple Haze Bar located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Which brings me to where I was last night...

Some of the bands above did play last night at the MAIM Collective's gig held at Maru Bar in Jupiter St., Makati City, like The GoSignals, Throw, G.I. and The Idiots, Music Front, and The Nu Militants. It's been a while since I've last been to a MAIM gig, which is almost saying that I haven't seen Tame The Tikbalang play in years.

(In photo: Russell Eustaquio of Tame The Tikbalang in one of his Rollinesque moments.)

Tame The Tikbalang NEVER disappoints. And John Carpio remains as savage behind the drums as ever.

More on last night's MAIM Collective gig at Maru Bar (as well as tonight's event) in the succeeding posts.

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