Friday, January 11, 2008

Trash Radio Manila PREMIERE EPISODE Part 1: Weslu's Faves

And so it was that this radio show almost never came to be. Some corporate stiffs approached us some moons ago asking if we can come up with a "punk" (whatever that meant) show.

After several meetings, we had already come up with a shortlist of two possible names for the two-hour show the stiffs wanted bad. It was either SCREW RADIO or TRASH RADIO or bust. (both doublespeak as we were trying to say that nothing was really worthwhile on Philippine mainstream radio, and that underground radio was simply non-existent nor feasible)...

And so it was that it was a bust. Either SCREW or TRASH was "too punk" for their radio sensibilities or the demo was too HARDKWORR for them.

And so we are here. On the Web. And we will try our best to upload a weekly show (in three parts) on a regular basis, or as much as our regular jobs would allow it.

For our premiere broadcast, we pay tribute to the best drummer of the 1980s, Luis "WESLU" Guiang, whose First Death Anniversary we commemorate on January 18, 2008. Part One of our initial upload presents songs readily identifiable with him as these are his perennial favorites, with the final track of the segment especially memorable to his CARRY-OKIE colleagues.

Cheers to you Luis!

And keep visiting for the next two parts of this week's (January 11-18, 2008) upload...

1. ROY and the INVADERS - "Fat Dog" (Long Island Dub Studio One Hot Dog Mix)
2. DOLPHY and PANCHITO - "Kawawa"
3. FISHBONE - "Ma and Pa"
4. TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - "Lupin the Third '78"
5. BLONDIE - "Hanging on the Telephone" (Live 1980)
6. ROD STEWART - "Do 'Ya Think I'm Sexy"


Anonymous said...

Hey 'Gi, cool site you have here! = >

Marika and friends said...

dave! sir! glad to have you visiting our humble site :) i checked out your site already and i have to say it's very pithy. it's great, just post more regularly lang :D