Friday, January 30, 2009

Holiday Gig #3: Escapo Gig Tour

"So many times have these shores been taken..."

Of course, you know what comes next if you are familiar with the song.

Eskapo, the well-loved Fil-Am band from Vallejo, California, was here during the first few weeks of January 2009, quite a fitting way to start the year. The gig at Cuerdas Bar over at Pasig City was well-attended and a whole lot of fun; Rupert, the band's vocalist, was a bundle of energy. The photographs we have here, though, are taken from their gig at Pullilan, Bulacan, courtesy of our good friends from Filter Zine.

Filter Zine also sat down with the band for an interview, which appears in the latest issue. Issue No. 6 also contains some album reviews. To get hold of Filter Zine and read the interview, check out Filter Zine's MySpace site here.

Take a look at Rupert and the boys below.

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