Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Holiday Gig #1: Pasulong at Fourth Door Gallery, 20 December 2008

Before I give you photos of last Saturday's Louie Louie at Mogwai, let me tell you about some of the gigs that took place during the holidays.

I specifically want to mention this gig arranged by Dirty Shoes Collective in conjunction with Bisikleta Productions and Tae Productions. Pasulong is a small affair, almost like a party among friends, but what made it special was the venue. Fourth Door Gallery is what remains of an apartment situated along Karapatan St. in Sampaloc, Manila, with graffiti-filled walls and surprisingly OK acoustics. As far as I know, the place belongs to the family of Paulo of Pink Cow.

I saw four bands play that night: Steady Movin' Beat, Umble Uno, t.R.A., and Pink Cow. Here are some photos from the gig.

Steady Movin' Beat

Umble Uno


Pink Cow

The Crowd

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