Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 18 Part 1: The Theory of The Moebius

There is the theory of the Moebius. A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop, from which there is no escape. When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again.

- Lieutenant Commander Worf, Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Time Squared”

Think of all the known genres in the music world as being part of an enormous music loop, defined as a piece of audio track repeated continuously and seamlessly. Imagine, for example, how it is to smoothly segue a hip-hop song into a dancehall track, then to reggae then to punk and hardcore, to psychobilly, and back. It may be possible, taking each genre singly, but to envelop all in a single Moebius strip demands more than just knowledge, passion, and good intentions.

It requires one to be at the right spot in the time-space-auditory continuum. And if you think you are in this spot right now, then welcome, my friends, to Trash Radio Manila's newest segment.

Orbital looped the above quotation off Star Trek in their track "Time Becomes", which then blends into The Beatmasters' "Ska Train". The diminutive but no less intimidating Lady Sovereign comes next with her 2006 hit "Public Warning", followed by Madness, whose taste for ska has evolved to accommodate collaborations with Sway and Baby Blue in a song called "Sorry".

As for Track number 5. Have you ever heard of The Funky Phantom?

I know. Freddie McGregor's "This Carry Go Bring Come (Chatty Chatty Mouth)" features the lovable pink cat Snagglepuss, who sounds a lot like The Funky Phantom, and for a good reason: their voices were provided by the late Daws Butler. Listen and be transported to a time when Hanna-Barbera cartoons lorded it on television. Have a great week, guys, and make sure you stay in the loop with us here at Trash Radio Manila ... NOT! Hah! Think again. Snagglepuss here is actually MC Snagglepuss, aka Snagga Puss, presently known as Mr. Balance. Confused yet? Snagga, or Norman Suppria in real life, referred to in some articles as "The Proteus of Jamaican Music", has assumed various persona throughout his musical career, but has remained constant in his love for cartoons, imitating the likes of Woody Woodpecker and Popeye in his works.

Finally, finally. Claude M'Barali, more popularly known as MC Solaar, the French rapper with a fancy for lyricism and complex musical phrases, completes the list with the song "Bling Bling".

The loop:

1. ORBITAL - Time Becomes
2. THE BEATMASTERS - Ska Train (12 Inch Mix)
3. LADY SOVEREIGN - Public Warning (Long Island Remix)
4. MADNESS - Sorry (ft. Sway & Baby Blue)
5. FREDDIE McGREGOR with SNAGGLEPUSS - This Carry Go Bring Come (Chatty Chatty Mouth)
6. MC SOLAAR - Bling Bling

Download nice bitrate episode here.

Photos from the sites above (just click the linkies).

So, you guys still in the loop? You better be :D

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