Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 17 Part 3: I'm so glad I know more now than I knew then

And now, for our playlist.
1. STEVIE WONDER - "Higher Ground"
2. SOUL SURVIVORS - "Expressway to Your Heart"
3. TILT DOWN MEN - "Together"
4. RJ and the RIOTS - "Advertising Man"
5. THE BABOONS - "Teasin' Girl"
6. MIKE NESS - "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right"
7. JOHNNY CASH - "It Ain't Me, Babe"
8. BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA - "Drink That Bottle Down"

Download high bitrate playlist here.

From the realm of 60s soul comes Stevie Wonder who appears on the list via my personal favorite "Higher Ground", covered a great number of times most notably by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Soul Survivors come next with a Billboard hit that saw resurgence sometime in the 1970s, "Expressway To Your Heart".

Philippine pop in the 1960s is likewise replete with quaint songs generated by bands (or more popularly known as "combos") like Tilt Down Men, Tito and Val Sotto's first group, and RJ and the Riots, as well as Orly Ilacad and the Ramrods, Soul Jugglers, Dynasouls and other similar acts. Tilt Down Men took after Dave Clark Five's music, while RJ and the Riots were more into surf. Their songs, "Together" and "Advertising Man", are in the list.

No Monkey Business, says the Belgian rockabilly group The Baboons in the front page of their website, and we are inclined to believe that. Their latest work, Boogie Curse, is released by the reliable Drunkabilly Records, home to Belgium's best of rockabilly, psychobilly, surf and what-have-you. Mike Ness and the late Johnny Cash, rogues both, also appear in the playlist. Capping this segment is a song from a marvelous artist who can play the most frantic trills on the fretboard and produce the crispest notes with ease and style. Brian Setzer and his orchestra invites you all to "Drink That Bottle Down".

There you have it. Hello and welcome to another week of higher learning. Contrary to popular belief that ignorance is bliss, what you do not know might actually kill you....

Photo of Brian Setzer from this site:

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