Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conquest For Death: Australasianpacific Tour 2008

...and we're back from hibernation. So many things happening over the next few weeks. Like this one here.
CONQUEST FOR DEATH is passing by our side of the world as part of their Australasianpacific Tour. This US punk/thrash/hardcore outfit will be in Lucena City on November 6, and in Manila on November 7, before flying out to Hong Kong. The band, as far as I know, is made up of Craigums, Devon, Robert (all three coming from What Happens next?), who reside in San Francisco, CA, and Kiku, their drummer, who currently lives in Japan. Interesting, yes? But I am just getting started.

This particular tour of theirs covers "9 countries, 2.5 continents, 5 weeks, no practice". The band tells us their share of adventures and misadventures in this nifty travelogue/blog of the tour which they are regularly updating here. Pretty engaging read, as the journal reveals the boys' wit, eloquence, and grace under pressure. And their music? Listen up, for we have three of CFD's tracks blasting off our media player right now.

The playlist:

Front Row
This Is Our Time - Never Say Die

Want more of this stuff, real time? Then see you at the gig, my dear friends, and show your love.

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Anonymous said...

dammit, i missed CFD's show here in manila. hey brothers of the underground harcore punk scene (metalcore is sort of ok, ummm, yup its ok..) please inform me of the latest gigs through my address Im looking forward to hearing from y'all..