Friday, February 27, 2009

Scene Report: Sound Off!, February 20, 9 Mile

For our first "guest" article, here is a report of last Friday's gig courtesy of Jan of Shuffle Union. She also provided us with some photographs. Hana has tipped us off with her own set of pictures which she uploaded in her Multiply account; two of these pics appear in this post. Also, do check out Hana's album of pictures of the Louie Louie gig here. Thanks to Jan and Hana for their inputs.

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by Jan Bautista
Photos courtesy of Jan and Hana

The night was inexplicably hot and humid, and with the season being indistinct of late, it was a sure sign that summer has finally arrived. Still, this did not stop people from trooping over to 9mile Bar in Kalayaan Avenue last Friday for SOUND OFF. Featuring bands from the ClubSka Manila scene of old, “Sound Off” was an effort to simply gather bands, play music, and have fun. This explains why, once inside, we noticed that most of the people and the bands themselves knew each other. Inside, a small crowd has gathered, chugging beers and mopping off sweat by the bucketful. It was the usual mixture of casuals, skinheads, and rudies as well as a few brave souls who dared go out that night.

First up was Rocket Punch who did a fantastic set of skinhead reggae covers. From being a 3rd wave ska act, these guys have undergone transformations and line-up changes, eventually settling into the heavier groove of early reggae. As always, this reviewer enjoyed their bass-heavy set.

Next up, delivering something from the other end of the skinhead musical spectrum was The Mighty Contras, promising to bring back the attitude that has brought them some degree of fame or infamy, depending on who you are talking to. Despite the line-up change, the in-your-face attitude has remained, as they played a blistering set of covers and originals.

Touted as the next best band to have come out of the local ska scene, the lads of SteadyMovinBeat next took to the stage dishing out 2Tone gems. Don’t let their boyish demeanor trick you into thinking they cannot play well because they are technically good. Their first attempt on an original demo was quite decent. In fact, I look forward to more original songs from these guys.

Last but not least, Shuffle Union played their set of covers and originals, with their “crowd sing-a-long” version of “Dance With Me” ending the night with heavily sweating (and heavily drunk?) attendees, enjoying music and the company of friends.

Frozen moment: Rocket Punch, Steady Movin' Beat, Contras, Shuffle Union

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