Friday, March 13, 2009

Why I Love Matinees, Plus Photos from March 1 Sunday PM Extravaganza

I love matinee gigs. It is not too often, though, to find matinee gigs being held here in Metro Manila. We may perhaps take a cue from the now defunct CBCG which gave a good number of bands (e.g. Gorilla Biscuits, Sick Of It All) a venue via Sunday matinees. Even Cebu has been doing matinees for years.

Why do I love matinees? Unless you have kids (then again, you can bring them to the gigs, yes?), there's nothing much going on during Sunday afternoon. By lunchtime you would have probably been done with domestic and personal obligations. Besides, watching the bands perform onstage while the sun is high up gives a very very surreal feeling. If matinee is a new experience for you, you've got to try seeing 'em matinee gigs.

We should hold matinee gigs more often.

Last March 1 (a Sunday), A Happy Face Productions ran its first installment of Vaudeville at Ten02. The gig featured, in order of appearance, Bad Omen, Against Man, Pink Cow, Dead Sperm, Utter Dismay, Beatdown Boombox, and Tame The Tikbalang. Very commendable effort. I had a good time, especially so at the homestretch (around 8pm), though it would have been better to stick to the schedule. At any rate, I certainly want more of these in the near future.

Sayang, the second installment of the Vaudeville (Sunday Afternoon Extravaganza) has been cancelled (see succeeding post). But do check out the photos from the March 1 gig. And see you around...on any given Sunday afternoon.

Bad Omen

Against Man

Pink Cow

Dead Sperm

Utter Dismay

Beatdown Boombox

Tame The Tikbalang

(Above photo: Paulo of Pink Cow)

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