Thursday, July 8, 2010

Steady Movin' Beat: It's About Time

This Saturday's Rude Maynila will feature Steady Movin' Beat as the main act, on the occasion of the release of the band's first recorded material. Yes. At last.

I was reading Hilboy's blogpost about Steady Movin' Beat (or SMB). As I was doing so, I found myself walking by memory lane.


Somewhere in Kalookan, around six years ago. SMB was a lot different from what it is today. For one, the people doing vocal chores were Hannah and Nikoy. Mateo was playing one of those wind instruments. I think it was Nikoy's birthday, and we were at the rooftop of his house. Nikoy's mother was constantly asking if we have eaten adequately. Je and I, the gourmands that we are, were not complaining. The band plowed through a handful of ska staples, some of which were A Message To You, Rudy and Guns of Navarone. Then Hannah took over, and soon enough strains of a familiar tune came off the keyboard.

The kids just have to cover the song. It was Put3ska's "Absolute", a song that makes me melancholic to this very day. That night, however, "Absolute" was a a joyous ditty, not a bit somber.

It's remarkable how ska has caught the fancy of the kids, I remember telling Je. Of course, the statement was rhetorical. I knew who the suspects are....


It is not a secret that SMB got their name from the lyrics of a Put3ska song. (C'mon, need I tell you what?) I may be wrong though. *guffaws*

SMB gained substantial exposure through Skamax, the so-called younger brother of Clubska Manila. Skamax used to hold gigs at Freedom Bar in Anonas St., Quezon City. At times, it would be at the now-defunct Millenia Bar over at Kamuning. Je and I would try to catch the gigs, but most of the time it would be just Je attending while I languished at work somewhere in Makati. (LOL!)

Kolumn Bar then opened, providing a bigger venue for the rudies. I believe this was the time when SMB was evolving. Their line-up started changing, they were trying to find their groove, their angst. Most of the time they were playing alongside more experienced bands, and they would have their bad hair days. It happens.

As with any up-and-coming bands, I have always believed that all it takes is time, and patience, and perseverance. So one day, Je called me to listen to an mp3 of a quirky, upbeat song about the banal life of being in the office.

Sounds good, no? He asked. I nodded promptly.

the song was "Corporate Fool" by Steady Movin' Beat. There it is, I thought. The promise. The only thing needed now is the extra push.


Fast forward , a few years later. Mateo has taken over vocal chores. By this time Steady Movin' Beat is made up of Dennis, Oliver, Janelle, Paulo and Mateo. They performed as often as they can especially on gigs produced by Bisikleta productions. They sound a whole lot tighter and more engaging, never failing to get the crowd skanking whenever they play on stage. Je and I were witnesses to this remarkable evolution. I knew he was impressed. Who wouldn't?

Now that SMB is finally releasing their EP, I can only say: It's about time. Your patience and perseverance paid off handsomely, and it is your time to get the crowd skanking.

Congratulations, lads.

(Photo of old SMB from their MySpace site.)

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The Majestic Mademoiselle Mae said...

heheheh hi ate gigi!
i remember that night when we attended nikoy's party.. pritchon!! hihihihi