Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TSA is back again!!!

Hey guys, no no I am not dead, I am not relocating (yet, heheh), I have not gone crazy or what (as far as I am concerned that is, so by me this statement is not to be disputed :P), nothing much to account for my absence except the usual grind. But, I (meaning, in my capacity as one of the whipping kids behind Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks) have been getting a bit involved lately. I will give you some updates in the days to come.

For now, I've got to tell you this. T.S.A., the hard-working, hard-hitting, hard-playing, and just simply, hard (yay!) Bulakenyos consisting of Bimboi, Pedro, and Ojie, are coming back! They will be doing a one night off gig over at Hades Bar in Quezon City on February 12. The support bands are awesome. Bisikleta Productions is producing, and Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks are helping out in their miniscule way.

This by far is your best option for your Valentines date and Year of the Metal Rabbit celebration. This one, I am sure, will be a lot of fun! ^^

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