Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This Show Must Go Off! And A Playlist To Match! Woohoo!

Eto na! Pardon the use of the quintessential Al Dimalanta quote, but this is what my sentiment exactly is, right now. Eto naaaaaaa!

By now you must have known that T.S.A. is doing a one-night off at Hades Bar on February 12. If you don't, then check out this poster, yea? This is brought to you by your reliable friendly neighbourhood Bisikleta Productions, as well as this blog Trash Radio Manila and Music Speaks Productions.

This is also the perfect opportunity to update my (heehee) sleeping playlist. All-Pinoy, as usual, with the songs coming from the bands who have a lot to do with the guest artists and the main attraction on February 12.

NOTE: Mixpod Player is fucked up, so I am using the BOX Player temporarily. Just Click play. I will try to remedy the situation asap so that you get your music playing the moment you load the Trash Radio Manila blog site.

1. T.S.A. - "Hoy!"
2. Betrayed - "Ain't Gonna Fight For You"
3. Tame The Tikbalang - "Forever Shall Be"
4. G.I. and The Idiots - "The Flag"
5. Throw - "Walang Hustisya"
6. T.S.A. - "Violent Dispersal"

See you all on Saturday!

Up next: Pinkcow did it!

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