Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday, Interrupted.

Yeap. You read it right. We are interrupting the holidays to give you a public service announcement. We are trying to raise a good amount of canned goods, which we shall be sending to the inmates of the Cainta Municipal Jail, and we direly need your help.

Fr. Albert (not Ascona), of Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church at Greenpark Village, Cainta, has most graciously accepted our gesture of reaching out to our brethren.

Tama na muna ang ingay. We're bringing the volume down if only for one night this year to thank the One up there for the blessings that we have enjoyed this past year, to recollect the trials we have overcome, and to share all of these with you, with our loved ones, with our friends, and with our families.

As our collective appreciation of this past year, we invite you to help us raise enough goodies for our brothers and sisters currently locked up in jail.

Please come on the evening of the 27th of Decemeber as Trash Radio Manila, in cooperation with our good friends at Biskileta Productions, presents "Holiday, Interrupted.", our post-Christmas/pre-New Year bash and Thanksgiving party for what has been our (that's you included) 2008.

All the bands playing will be trimming down on the distortion so that we can all hear one another.

This early, we'd like to thank Spanky of Sausage Bar, for helping us out with this endeavor.

Punta kayo at magdala ng de lata. We hope to see you there.

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