Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sha Na Boom Boom, Yeah!

We've got roughly a week to go before Christmas! Yay! Aside from the usual last-minute mad rush to the malls, holiday traffic, infinite Christmas parties, there are a good number of gigs lined up in the next few days, including our own Holiday, Interrupted which we put up with our friends at Bisikleta Productions, to be held on December 27 at Sausage Bar. Our siderail is literally teeming with posters of upcoming gigs, so do check them out.

We do have a fresh playlist to keep you company in the next few maddening days. Go Jimmy Go, ska purveyors out of Hawaii, sing a timely tune delivered in their usual breezy style. Hepcat follows next with "The Secret". Rumours are afloat that Hepcat are scheduled to do a reunion gig this month, but so far there is no official word on this, as far as I know.

This band is young but brash and confident, and for a very compelling reason. The Babylon Whackers are formed in 2007, the product of the union of The Filaments, Majah Tunder, and Babar Luck, with collaborations with members of The King Blues and Suicide Bid tossed in for a good measure. The Solution, on the other hand, does soul the way it should sound today: still with old-school vibe but contemporary, not at all dated. I could swear their song "Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)" sampled its horn riff from "Sweet Soul Revue" by another excellent band, Japan's Pizzicato Five.

The song "For Dancers Only" is written by everyone's favorite modfather, Paul Weller, but Ocean Colour Scene has been said to have offered to record the song. The English duo of Tyber and Si make up The Dualers, and they end the playlist with "Get Festive", which is exactly we are about to do. Be happy and be safe, you all. Merry Christmas!

GO JIMMY GO - "Merry Christmas, Baby"
HEPCAT - "The Secret"
THE BABYLON WHACKERS - "Sweet Reggae Music"
THE SOLUTION - "Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)"
OCEAN COLOUR SCENE - "For Dancers Only"
THE DUALERS - "Get Festive"

Photos from the artists' respective sites.

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