Monday, July 13, 2009

Lagare Nights Part 1: Coffee Break Island, Shuffle Union, and Earthlings, Leprechaun Bar, July 10 Friday Night

What can I say?

This gig was by no means a product of massive information dissemination nor was it supported by some megalomaniacal sound system, both of which oftentimes are very crucial ingredients to the success of a gig. No big stars here, though CBI and Shuffle Union by now are respected names in their own circuits and Earthlings are beginning to carve their niche as well. But it has been a very very good night, in spite of the usual hitches.

Some members of Shuffle Union and Earthlings were sick and as such Jun and Raffy of CBI pitched in. Mae, January, and JR of Shuffle Union jammed with CBI, and the audience was either drinking or dancing or both. And just when everyone thought that the music had ended, JR and Paul of CBI (aka Pineapple Jam) took the stage and did acoustic renditions of The Jam's "That's Entertainment" and a few more songs. I could have sworn that this gig was a home party where everyone is welcome to crash right in and join in the fun, except that the Leprechaun sign was glaring in front of the place, a reminder that we were not in a house but in a bar.

Photos here (above photo: Earthlings):

Earthlings: Smiling sheepishly

Sibling act: Jan, JR and Dagul of Shuffle Union

The belter: Mae of Shuffle Union

Shuffle Union with Jun of CBI on drums

Raindance, Paul stylee

Raindance during CBI's set

Shuffle and CBI jammed together

Pineapple Jam!!!

It was a cool night, all things taken. Sometimes all it takes, in the absence of the usual things we obsess about to come up with a great gig, is one that is lacking in most gigs: GOOD VIBES.

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