Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Once Again, Grrrl!!!!!

Finally finished Part 2 of the Grrrl playlist. Had fun putting the songs together. As I was doing so, I came across this announcement over at MySpace.

Clitfest Los Angeles is "...a 3 day national event dedicated to Womyn (born and self identified, queer, gender nonconforming, trans, people/youth of color) [emphasis mine]". This is a three-day affair filled with workshops, discussions, and relentless music from all-female and female-fronted bands. Now one of the bands included in the list is Naked Aggression.

Naked Aggression are veterans. The band was formed in 1990 and were actively touring until disaster struck them in 1998: one of the founding members, Phil Suchomel, died. The year 2003 saw the return of Naked Aggression, which continues to churn out one highly charged political song after another to this day. The song "Smash The State" kicks off our playlist.

The next band, The Scuds, are from Singapore. Got hold of this band's songs just recently as a recommendation by a good friend. Punk with garage undertones, very raw but not at all amateurish. Check them out here. The title of the song? "Fuck You!"

Out of Bonn, Germany come The Gee Strings, fronted by the ferocious Ingi Pop. The song "Snuff Fiction" appears both in their album Arrest Me and in the Radio Disaster Volume V compilation released by Basement Records. Do listen to more Gee Strings on their MySpace site.

I admit to procrastinating more often than I should. Cebu City's Tiger Pussy should have long appeared in Trash Radio Manila's playlist, but somehow I was not getting the proper timing. Jan's voice is simply what the band's byword is: rawr! I was told that the guys are coming back to Manila this October. (Yep, they were here last April....) No reason not to see them this time. Their song is called "High Class Curriculum", and the band's photo, which I got from their site, is taken by Keith Dador.

Also in the list is The Devotchkas, who eventually came to be 99's, before reverting to their old name before the band finally split up. The song "Wicked Heart" comes from the album Live Fast Die Young.

Lastly, we have Tether, one of the bands that played in the Louie Louie gig held last January. Tarhata has a voice that is compelling, and she is amply supported by her bandmates. I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of their album Tell Me Stories. Find out where they are gigging next on this site. Their song "Html" caps off this playlist.

The list:

1. NAKED AGGRESSION - "Smash The State"
2. THE SCUDS - "Fuck You!"
3. THE GEE STRINGS - "Snuff Fiction"
4. TIGER PUSSY - "High Class Curriculum"
5. THE DEVOTCHKAS - "Wicked Heart"
6. TETHER - "Html"

It's been good. Harrowing maybe, but good. Hope you enjoy this playlist, as much as you enjoyed the first Grrrl!!!!! installment. For the next playlist...let's see. More local bands! New materials! Ugh. Backlog now really catching up with me. Just, stay tuned.

Photos from the artists' sites. Tiger Pussy's photo in the site done by Keith Dador.

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