Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Asian Take on Oi

Some months ago, Jan (Shuffle Union vox, certified Pauline Black fan, certified doting momma) gave me a copy of "Skinhead! It's An Asian League", a compilation of Oi compositions of bands from various countries in Asia. This collection is a recent release of Japan's Bronze Fist Records which has been in existence since the mid-90s and is still going strong. Included in the album is The Mighty Contras, the lone band to represent the Philippines.

I would not really want to delve into the technicalities of the definition of Oi in this post. I am quite sure some quarters will be asking, what is real oi anyway? Corollary questions, mostly unpleasant, are bound to ensue. So, no, I would rather that you guys do your own research. Suffice to say that as far as the sound is concerned, I am aware that Japan produces great Oi tunes this side of the world. Apparently, Bronze Fist would like to show us something else: that the rest of the Asian nations can do Oi as well.

The guys may be right, after all. Which is why I decided to mix some cuts from the compi for your consumption. The playlist is as follows:

1. BOOTED COCKS (Osaka, Japan) - The Age
2. THE END (Jakarta, Indonesia) - Skinhead Pride
3. THE MIGHTY CONTRAS (Manila, Philippines) - Skinheads On A Rampage
4. HAIRCUTS (Bandung, Indonesia) - Merdika
5. THE RUCTION (Singapore) - Rage & Anger

(Intro is snatched from The Chronicles Of Sarnia off Final Fantasy)

Where can you guys get a copy of the album? You can probably get in touch with the boys of The Mighty Contras in their MySpace site here. better yet, go get in touch with Bronze Fist Records. I must say, commendable effort. ^^ Go get your copies and find out for yourselves.


Has the erratic weather rubbed on you? You people take care of yourselves and of your health. Be happy, be safe. See you around, folkies.

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