Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life Is Good, Yes! As Long As You Give It A Relentless Punch On The Kisser, Life Will Eagerly Lick Your Ass Like A Dog Would

Oh, that was a trifle long title, wasn't it? Heheh.

Heya people, hello again. So many things racing in my mind these past days that I actually forgot to bring batteries for my camera last night. Isn't that stupid? A good number of gigs took place last night, and I was at Sazi's Bar for the regular Rude Maynila Sessions. (The photos here are old ones, har har)

Everybody happy?

Here are some discoveries, nuggets of thoughts, and situations answerable by "yes definitely", yes, maybe", or "yes, hindi ko naintindihan":

1. It was the last performance of Tolonguez Death Squad ... and a new punk group is to rise from the ashes.

Must be true. Towards the last song, the ever-energetic Odel announced, "Last song na namin, last gig (or something to the effect)". I really enjoy watching Tolonguez and their frenzied style. Will be watching for the new band to arise.

2. Hilboy of Bisikleta Productions will be out of the country for 2 years.

It's true. He will be in Vietnam for an employment gig. But Bisikleta activities will go on, according to him, which is good news because this is proof that the scene, just like life, is a series of young blood taking over while the the more senior members of the society move on to higher endeavours.

3. Pink Cow will be having an album soon.
Can't wait. These boys have the chops and the attitude. And they do deserve a write-up. Really soon. Just give me time. :)

4. The Outcome is from the ashes of T.R.A.

The Outcome performed, doing originals and, hm, The Ramones. Great going, lads.

5. I was given a free copy of SMB EP.

Salamat ng marami sa SMB. I am proud of you guys. For those who have not gotten a copy of the EP yet, it's as simple as attending any Rude Maynila event or pestering one of the SMB guys. A copy is worth a measly PHP120.

SMB: Happiness in black and white

Plus, meetings with great friends, a little chit-chat here and there. Which then brings me to the 6th item.

6. Trash Radio Manila's future ... remains unwritten...

...but doesn't everyone's future remain unwritten? I think I owe it to my readers to explain that, much as really want to update the blog on a regular basis (and I really try my darn best), sometimes I could not really make it. In these instances, I ask for your patience and understanding.

It's been more than 2 1/2 years since Je and I started Trash Radio Manila, and it amazes me to this very day how the blog somehow manages to gain regular readership and patronage. Writing "Thank You" is not enough, and I always have this in mind. Just the same, "Thank You", friends, and keep the passion burning.

We dance to the death.

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