Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Events Past, Present And Future [Andy Deported! Manila Ska! T.S.A.! DIYPinoyHCpunk Anniversary! And More!]

Oh snap. Where do I start?

Let me just give you a rundown of what to expect in the coming days. Full details in the posts to come, okies?

You will be reading about an account of Andy Deported's last gig before he left for the US. It will be remembered that he did a series of shows here backed by Bad Omen. I sure regret having seen Andy perform only once, his set was very engaging and a lot of fun, but luckily I got introduced to this affable guy by Albert Ascona.

Also on queue is the recently concluded highly successful Manila Ska at Cubao X which I attended ... in spirit. (Dum de dom, I sure hate it when, after I have planned to attend a gig many weeks beforehand, something - fatigue, appointment, accident, whatever - suddenly comes up and I end up missing the affair.) I am excited about this upcoming post by a guest writer. That she writes well (of course I can say this in all honesty, having read her works online) is somewhat of an understatement - the link to one of her sites is on the siderail. Make a guess.

Also have to mention that The Resurrection Issue of Konspirazine is now out! I got to thank Jep Peligro for his generosity. You guys try to get hold of an ish. The zine is a treasure trove of information, yhough for me what is best about this issue is that it features an interview on ... Biofeedback! I need not say more. Just grab a copy.

Guess who's representing the Philippines in Denmark right now?

These Bulakenyos have really gone a long way. The ÅRETS STØRSTE INTERNATIONALE KUNSTFESTIVAL in Denmark started last August 26 and will be until September 12. One of the features of the Contemporary Arts Festival is a music fest that includes T.S.A. (Hård-høj-hurtig og agressiv old-school-punk! Yay!) So who says only the likes of Lea Salonga, Cecile Licad and Charice Pempengco can represent the Philippines in the international cultural map? (And why do I find myself snickering right now? Hahahaha!) I daresay, the local music scene owes a lot to T.S.A.

The DIYPinoyHCpunk, Bisikleta Productions (via Rude Maynila), and the people behind Manila Soul have some gigs for you in the days to come. I should be coming up with a new playlist as well. Hold on to your hats, keep yourselves updated, and zoom in the gigs when you can. Show your love to the music that speaks to you and the artists that sing the songs of your life.

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