Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Mon Dieu, Il S'agit Spécifiquement Pour Alain...

...because I miss this funny and sweet (waaaaaa!) person so much. I thought of putting up this video from Youtube while I still work on the Andy Deported post. (Ugh, sorry Andy :() You guys surely know this? No? Remember Judge Dread's parody? No? Aw. Then watch.

Venir, Alain! ASAP, ok? You are missed by many (like JR and Mae and January, I am sure.) [Question pour vouz: Pensez-vous que Serge a entendu parler de la fin bruts de l'ananas? Duh...]


jan said...

Serge and Jane!!! Great choice. Gainsbourg is an absolute genious in my book. And Jane Birkin.....aaaahh what a DOLL! NEVER will i get tired of that song. Thank you very much, Marika!

Yes, it's been a while...and unfortunately the Shoe Queen from the Mindanao Jungle is still keeping me on a tight leash. But i'm currently working on a escape plan (operation Alcatraz, no shit!)

So fret not my friends as one day i shall return! -Hey, that's also what General MacArthur said with his underaged filipina bride by his side (to trade her in for a younger model, but of course the history books left that one out, lol)

Tell the gang i miss them also. Very much.

All the best,

("la fin bruts de l'ananas"? lost me on that one i'm afraid, lol)

Marika and friends said...

@jan: I have known Serge for quite some time - see we are on a first name basis here - but I only got to listen to him a bit more because of some French amis. Glad you liked the vid. Yay! Serge is indeed amazing. Oh, blame it on my super lousy French, I translated the phrase so bad. (Towards the end of the Judge Dread parody, the transvestite said something like, "Give me some love please". Dread: "Oh yes I will give you some bloody love ... I will give you the rough end of the pineapple! Hahahah! Wooops, duck Gigi duck! :D)

So you're breaking free, finally? LOL :) Seriously, I hope you'll be well, whatever you do...or plan to do (such as escaping Alcatraz, hahar!)

The guys here will be waiting for you and will definitely welcome you with open arms ... they will be sure to whip up your favorite rabbit dish for you.

Just patience for all of us. All in good time, all in good time. Take care.