Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playlists. Yes, There Are.

There are, actually, some unfinished playlists. I am not even talking about the loads of material now in my hands.

I will start uploading playlists this week. Like I say, patience please. These playlists consist of an interesting list of songs that I myself could not stand listening for a prolonged period of time because, for lack of a better term, the songs are very revealing.

By the way, and this bears repeating. I am truly overwhelmed, and humbled, by your words of encouragement to go on. I never thought that this blogsite can reach out to a considerable number of people. I mean, I do employ sitemaps and and sitemeters, but actually hearing from you convinced me that the figures I see are not just statistics. Thank you so much for keeping the faith.

I'll see you soon, friends.

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