Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Catching Up With Bad Omen, Pink Cow, Ryan Of Go Jimmy Go, JPD, And Then Some

Going to Ten02 Bar last Tuesday, April 21, I felt like I have just come out of my bomb shelter after living in it for more than 20 years. It felt a little different, even though I saw that traffic was as gnarly as it has usually been, people were having some drinks like they have always done, and Juan Pablo dream was playing onstage as how I remember them doing every Tuesday night at Ten02.

I saw that the world continues to move, and that life goes on in spite of myself. So I did a little catching up.

For a change, though, Juan Pablo Dream was joined that night by Bad Omen. The enduring punk outfit came in fresh from their successful Singapore/Malaysia stint that weekend. I have incorporated a couple of photos taken at the gig, but you can find more pictures in their MySpace site. Their latest album, God Is Everywhere, is out, and do expect some cuts to be featured here soon.

Pink Cow was also there, complete with a horn section. At one point they were joined by Ryan, trombone player for the Hawaiian ska sensation Go Jimmy Go, who is presently in town. Like Bad Omen, Pink Cow also has an album and I will be writing about it soon, as well.

(errr, this is NOT the Ryan I was talking about...)

And of course, Juan Pablo Dream did their staple northern soul/funk/mod set. It should be mentioned that The Bing Austria Show, produced by Bisikleta Productions, is up and coming. You guys can catch Bing and his crew, as well as mod stalwarts The GoSignals and a host of other bands on May 9 at Sazi's Restobar (the place once called Mayric's, yes) as early as 4pm.

As for me, my personal catching up involved some chit-chat with friends and acquaintances whom I have not seen for quite sometime. Thanks to all of you as always. I know I looked stoic for the most part, but you know, though my facial expression may not show it, I am somehow glad to be at Ten02 that Tuesday night.

Life does go on, in spite of. Life is good, life is bad. As the modfather Paul Weller puts it, "Bullshit is bullshit, it just goes by different names ... succumb to the beat surrender." Hell, yeah.

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