Friday, May 1, 2009

For Coffee Break Lovers, And Some Notes on Requests

A good number of people would consistently ask us about the gig scheds of Coffee Break island, probably one of the most hardworking bands around. We (in retrospect, it is we) love CBI but in the past I try to avoid being patronizing. This time I cannot help it and so I am giving you a list so you guys can catch them.

CBI will be at the Ride and Roll Diner at Xavierville, QC on the following Saturdays: May 2 (with Lady I and Earthlings - that's today), May 16 (with Pink Cow and Mobster Manila), and May 30 (with Pink Cow).

CBI will also be at the Green Papaya Art Gallery on May 6, Wed, San Mig Pub at the Alabang Town Center on May 9 (Sat), Festival Mall Parking Lot open parking lot on May 10 (Sun), and at Penguin Cafe at Malate on May 23 (Sat). Probably a few more gigs in between...just keep your ears clean.


Also got some requests to upload music performed by bands that Je had played for. It should be a nice idea (though Je would probably be a little half-hearted and say that this is going to be a bit self-serving if he were alive, since I know fully well that he just wanted to be in the background), and I will see what I can do about it. So, stay tuned. And, by the way, our playlists have ALWAYS been downloadable (/me winks). Anyways. Enjoy the weekend, people. Keep it safe.

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