Tuesday, May 19, 2009


MAIM Collective presents Heartcore!, a special gig featuring an impressive line-up: Throw, Tame The Tikbalang, The Beauty Of Doubt, The GoSignals, Goo, End Of Man, SDK, Half The Battle, Bystorm, Staid, and Rust Phantom.

I say special because as far as I know, this gig serves a variety of purposes. Not only is it organised to celebrate both Throw's bassist Dennis Maniego's recovery from his bypass surgery and the life and times of Beatdown Boombox's bassist Je Bautista. Heartcore is a prelude to a health awareness enhancement of sorts, health being a rather uncool and yet a very real concern to all. Yeap, musicians included.

This gig is personally special for me, in many ways. I certainly hope to see you guys at Heartcore! It is going to be on May 30, a Saturday, at the Leprechaun Bar (formerly Purple Haze), located at the end of T. Morato in Quezon City.


And for other gigs, you can update yourself with the posters on the siderail. This Saturday, Bisikleta Productions in cooperation with Dirty Shoes Collective and Tae Productions give you Shit Me Not also at the Leprechaun. Down south, there's an ongoing tour by Play, and a gig produced by SRA will also be held this Saturday at Shan Chai. Better yet, keep your radar on for other gigs. Of course, like I always say, do support these gigs.


Anonymous said...

hanep sa playlist! finally you guys have something that i actually cherish so much because one of my good friends have something to do with all four songs. i truly miss my buddy Je Bautista. i know he is in a much better place than all of us and is presently watching over us. Marika, more power to TRM. i am pretty sure our good friend is listening to this playlist now. give yourself a pat in the back and hoping to hear from you again! cheers! KAP

Anonymous said...

Well, well...who do we have here?... =)

Marika and friends said...

well well, good to see you two here :)