Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scenes From Shit Me Not, And A Plate Of Irish Beef Stew

This should have better read "...and a bottle of Guinness". From the ashes of Purple Haze Bar in Tomas Morato St. in Quezon City rose a bar called Leprechaun, which I was told was owned by an Irish. Leprechaun Bar, like Sazi's, should be a welcome addition to the list of potentially reliable venues for gigs in the future. It was the venue of Shit Me Not, a collaborative effort of Bisikleta Productions, Dirty Shoes Collective, and Tae Productions, held last Saturday, May 23, 2009.

The bands that played, in order of appearance: Tolonguez Death Squad, Clockwork Spiral, Pusakal, Shuffle Union, Umble Uno, Tartarz, Earthlings, t.R.A., Disband, and Pink Cow.

Photos from the gig can be found below. As always, some random thoughts here:

1. I missed the performance of Tolonguez Death Squad, the first band to play that night. Sorry to Odel and company, but I was so hungry when I arrived, and when I am hungry, I am one possessed being. (And obviously, I had Irish beef stew. Sorry, no Guinness at the bar yet.)

2. All the bands were ok (even Tolonguez sounded ok from where I was, which was at the first floor). No band particularly stood out, probably because it was meant to be a light-hearted, fun gig, which is good. Sing when you want, dance when you want appeared to be the dictum of the night.

3. Interesting that Tartarz did a cover of Urban Bandits' "Modern Fishballs"; I actually did a double take.

4. It was a relief to see people dancing without getting unruly to the point of violence. I did not see anybody deliberately destroy things. Leprechaun folks (i.e., waiters) should get used to these gigs. *wink*

5. I just have to say though that the downer of the night was the erratic microphone. I saw frustration written on the faces of most vocalists.

This is the second (I think) collaboration of Bisikleta, Dirty Shoes, and Tae, and I am guessing this is not going to be the last. Good for us. Here's waiting for more gigs from the team.

Clockwork Spiral


Shuffle Union

Umble Uno sing-along



Carl Simonon of t.R.A.


Pink Cow's sing-along crowd

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