Monday, June 1, 2009

...And Then There Was Heartcore

It was a thought borne out of nights of discussion, mostly about how people in the scene are getting older, about those who have passed on and about experiences that people never seem to learn from. Health issues - probably one of the most uncool concerns ever - plague even those who sing about enjoying because "'s later than you think" (ugh, apologies to The Specials).

Recently these very concerns hit two people - Dennis Maniego and Je Bautista - both bassists to some of the most respected punk bands around. While we rejoice as Dennis recovered from his multiple bypass surgery, Je had not been as fortunate, succumbing to myocardial infarction in spite of vigilant treatment. Sickness, hospitalisation, surgery, death: these are not the problems that any musician would want to have. It is common knowledge that most musicians are exposed to one of the unhealthiest lifestyles on the planet and are one of the most financially under-appreciated persons in the work force. I seriously doubt if most of them have an SSS, GSIS, Philhealth, or an HMO card even.

And so there is Heartcore, a concept backed by these real problems, and more. Last Saturday, May 30, 2009, Heartcore was the name of the gig which was meant to celebrate the recovery of Dennis and the life and times of Je. The bands who played were as follows: S.D.K., The GoSignals, Half The Battle, The Beauty Of Doubt, Throw, Goo, Staid, Tame The Tikbalang, End of Man, Rust Phantom, and Einstein Chakras.

What a night it was, in more ways than one. And the bands. Half The Battle was impressive, and S.D.K. is promising. I found myself singing when Al Dimalanta of Throw started chanting Dead Kennedys' "Kill The Poor" - it is not too often that Al does covers. Was waiting for Mel Maniego of The GoSignals to do the Pete Townshend leap at the end of their set. Check out the photos below.

In the days to come I will expound on the concept of Heartcore more extensively. But suffice to say that the gig has been great, and it was specially great to see Dennis Maniego play the bass like he has done pre-surgery. As for Je, he must have been there too, in spirit, hanging around that particular table where people were eating Baliwag chicharon....


The GoSignals

Half The Battle

The Beauty Of Doubt




Tame The Tikbalang

End Of Man

Rust Phantom

Einstein Chakras


Anonymous said...

Hi Marika,

I'm Je's older brother in Canada.
Our sister just came back from the Philippines and brought home a magazine that featured a letter by Maxi (Je's daughter) where I found this link to trashradiomanila. I've never realized how Je has impacted your music scene. Enclosed is a personal reflection of how much I miss him. Let me know how I can get copies of the music that he composed and played. Maraming salamat.


O kapatid kong bunso
Nang kami’y umalis
Tayo’y nagkalayo
Ganoon pa man
Nanatili pa ring
Magkapiling ang ating puso

Yapak ko’y narating
Ibang panig ng mundo
Ikaw nama’y sa iba nagtungo

Landas na iyong tinahak
Kahit ‘di ko nakita
Lahat ng iyong hakbang
Aking nadama
Ingay ng iyong gitara
Lagi kong dala

O kapatid kong bunso
Nang ika’y umalis
Iniwa’y mga alaalang
Puno ng tamis

Puso nati’y
Mananatiling magkatali
Musika mo’y
Mabubuhay na muli

Anonymous said...

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