Thursday, June 18, 2009

For JP Rizal, J. Rizal, And All The Fathers Of The World

I could not decide on what sort of playlist to make: a Jose Rizal or a Father's Day special. Finally I decided to incorporate both - in a ONE-SONG playlist.

But this is no ordinary song. This song is entitled "Daddy", performed by Juan Isip, Bobby Balingit's project which involved Italian musician Ugo Guido and English musician Chris Callas.

This is essentially a song written from a child's point of view; he is relying on his father's support and guidance. This song is just as apt in remembering Jose Rizal. While proof of Rizal's fatherhood remains under dispute to this day (as far as I know), he is in essence a father to our nation.

So. Happy Birthday, JP. Happy Father's Day too, to all the fathers whom we love. Have a relevant weekend, people. (Gigs? Check out the siderail as always.)

Maliit ang aking kamay
Maliit ang aking paa
Kaunti ang aking hawak
Kapiraso marka ng aking yapak

Sana'y tulungan mo ako
Ang pagtayo ay mabuway
Huwag kang magalit
Huwag kang mainis
Talagang ganito lang ako

Maliit ang aking mata
Maliit ang aking tainga
Kung anu-ano ang nakikita
Iba-iba ang naririnig

Sana'y turuan mo ako
Ako'y hirap na umintindi
Huwag kang magalit
Huwag kang mainis
Talagang ganito lang ako

Sa munting tinig sana'y marinig
Ang isipan kong hubad
Sa munting luha, sana'y maantig
Damdaming hindi huwad

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