Sunday, June 21, 2009


... is the title of Shuffle Union's latest album consisting of live acoustic tracks off the Louie Louie gig held last January of this year. The lads are in the middle of their Invincible-Live Album Tour, and last night, they played at what seems to be their favorite haunt of late, 1962 Tambayanan at Sct. Madriñan at South Triangle in Quezon City.

I was late (so what's new?) so I did not get to see the jolly boys of Pink Cow play. Steady Movin' Beat performed after Pink Cow. All those nights of gigging are paying off: SMB is simply getting better and better, with demeanour to match. They obviously recognise that a band worth its salt does not rely on talent alone but also on diligence and the drive to outdo themselves. I am honestly happy to see SMB become into what they are right now.

Then came Shuffle Union, which I believe is one of the most senior, if not the most, active ska bands around. Like most observers and regulars of the ska scene, I have somehow followed this band's development, its ups and downs, not as keenly as Je did but I was witness just the same to SU's metamorphosis. Invincible the album is long overdue. You might as well buy their CD, and if you have their EP (the one that contains "Lovestruck" and "Freedom"), you'd find out that Shuffle has indeed trekked a long and bumpy road and picked up valuable lessons along the way. And if you have been following the ska gig circuit since the Clubska years, you too, would probably feel that you are part of their journey as well.

What can I say? At last, guys, at long last.

There are a couple or so ways to get a hold of Shuffle Union's Invincible album, which by the way are in limited quantities only.

1. The best way is to be at their gigs (next stop will be at Java Ave, UP Los Baños, Laguna on July 2, Thursday, 7pm): you can check out their gig schedules at their blog site or at their MySpace site.

2. If you cannot be physically at the gigs, you can order their CD through their blog site, or here, YES HERE, at the Trash Radio Manila blog site. I have made it possible for both Paypal and non-Paypal users to place their order by clicking certain buttons at a specified area by the siderail. JUST LOOK FOR THE SHUFFLE UNION INVINCIBLE gifs AT THE SIDERAIL, and you'll know what to do next. You can actually own this great CD even if you are not in the Philippines. Coolness, oui? Oui! So what are you waiting for, hunnies?

Again we start another week, but before we do, please, please, remember to greet your Dads a Happy Father's Day. And, be safe, y'all.

Photo shoots: 1962 Tambayanan, Steady Movin' Beat, Shuffle Union. I < 3 my cheap camera. No kidding.

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