Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Playlist From Left Field

On the occasion of Je's 40th day death anniversary (that's today, May 13), I have uploaded this rather special playlist.

1. Put3ska - ABSOLUTE
4. Beatdown Boombox - THE HARDER THEY COME

As many of you may know, ABSOLUTE is originally by Absolute Zero, Je's band before he joined Betrayed. Absolute Zero was short-lived but has the distinction of being one of the bands that played in the early Brave New World Series. It should also be noted that Je eventually managed Put3ska and ABSOLUTE was included in the band's phenomenal first album.

Then there's Betrayed, probably Je's best known involvement as a bassist. This version of NEVER MEANT TO BE THIS WAY was captured live at the NU 2001 Rock Awards. If I remember right, 2001 was the 25th year of punk, and the late Howlin' Dave, whose voice represented the generation of punk rock pioneers (and the rest of the pinoy rock musicians as well), was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Betrayed is one of Pinoy Punk's most popular and enduring bands, continuing to play to this very day.

When Music Front, Arnold Morales' band which he formed after Urban Bandits, was reformed in January 2008, Je came in to fill up bass-playing duties. This version of BORED WITH BOREDOM was recorded live at Club Dredd last April 2008 when Music Front played back to back with The Runaway Boys.

Beatdown Boombox is a project of both Je and The Beauty of Doubt/Bad Omen/Throw/Music Front (and 700 more bands) guitarist Albert Ascona. The two were starting to experiment on sounds and playing with dubs, and were highly influenced by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros. They first played late last year, and this is essentially Je's last band. At the time of Je's demise, the band already has a number of originals, though this song in the playlist is a Jimmy Cliff cover.

There are many more songs that I would have wanted to throw in the playlist, but this should be it. Je will always be known in the scene as Pinoy punk's left-handed bassist, a mean producer, Trash Radio Manila's musical programmer, a passionate music lover.


A mass will be held this afternoon, 5pm, at the Sto Nino Parish Church at Bago Bantay, Quezon City. You can look up the directions here. I know, 40 days came so fast, and personally, I am not over it yet. But such is life, and the end of it. Reality hits from left field, much like this playlist. See you guys, and have a good day.

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