Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Isang Pagpupugay Para Sa Bisikleta Productions

Bisikleta Productions celebrated its 4th anniversary by way of a gig entitled "Sweet and Dandy" last Saturday, January 16, 2010.

As a refresher, let me just tell you a bit about Bisikleta Productions.

The birth of Bisikleta Productions is largely credited to the late great Luis "Weslu" Guiang, probably known most for being (arguably) one of the best local drummers of his generation and for his easy-going, funny ways. Weslu formed Bisikleta with some kids from Malabon (his hometown) and Kalookan City. Bisikleta, the bicycle, is their chosen metaphor for the DIY ethos of punk, and was formed to further the cause of the subcultures of punk, ska, mod, rockabilly, hiphop, and dub, among others.

Unfortunately, Weslu met a gruesome road accident on January 2007. It was Hilboy Raymundo, the kid from Kalookan, who almost singlehandedly took over Bisikleta, even though he had to leave for a while for a 6-months job stint in Singapore. Upon his return, the gigs started pouring in. One of these is the monthly The Bing Austria Show.

Ever since the inception of Trash Radio Manila on January 7, 2008 (oo, dalawang taon na ang Trash Radio Manila, pero ipinagpaliban ko ang pagdiriwang, at malamang ay alam naman ninyo kung bakit), Bisikleta has always been supportive of us. Our last team-up was the Louie Louie gig over at Cubao X last January 2009. Bisikleta has been around, coordinating with and supporting Trash Radio Manila, and as such we are more than glad to do the same thing in return.

To Hil, I speak to you now, both as a friend and a co-supporter of the scene: Congratulations ... at padayon!

Some photos from the gig.


The crowd

Bing promoting the second album of his band Juan Pablo Dream

The GoSignals

Stolen Shots, the bubbly Bicol ska band that got the Manileños dancing

The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy

(As always, thanks to my trusty Canon Powershot ;) )

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