Thursday, March 11, 2010

Almost Alice: Why?

Don't look now. Why am I writing about about a soundtrack here? Smart guesses please.

I got to see Alice In Wonderland yesterday, the musical score for which was written by the prolific Danny Elfman. Almost Alice, the companion soundtrack, is not exactly a soundtrack in its truest sense, but more like "music inspired by the movie...", so no Danny Elfman music in this one.

Really good movie-inspired albums are few and far-between, so I did not put my hopes up high with this album, even if it has The Cure's Robert Smith in the roster. I will just point out some of the album's better virtues, instead.

Not many will share my opinions on this, but you guys can always listen to the album and find out for yourself. It is always good to listen to new things.

Robert Smith's cover of "Very Good Advice" may not be enjoyed by all Robert Smith and The Cure fans, but it still stands out anyway. So sue me, hahah.

Franz Ferdinand's "The Lobster Quadrille" is dark enough to capture the supposed mood of the film.

Wolfmother's "Fell Down A Hole", on the other hand, provides a good contrast to Franz Ferdinand's moody song, complete with guitar distortions that connote the chaos of things, like, well, falling down into a rabbit hole.

And, hmmm, I find this hard to say, but yes, I hate to admit it. It does contain lame lyrics, but Avril Lavigne's "Alice" has got to be the catchiest song in the lot. Bad news?

So, did I like the album or not?

Let's put it this way. Have I made changes on the music in the player today? 'Nuff said.


Did I like the film? Find out HERE.

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