Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Playlist No. 1: SevenPlusOne (Expressionist Mix) by Caliph8 ... Because Different Is Good For You

One of the plans that Je and I conjured in the past is to feature playlists from some guest artists and friends in the scene. We thought that it was a nice thing to feature these artists' current (or perennial, as the case may be) tracks of interest, which may not be exactly the same as ours.

We want it that way, of course. Listening to the same stuff is downright boooooorrriiiiingggg!!!! (Shall I say that again? Boring! Boring! Boring!) So, here is the first guest playlist for you.

I finally got to talk, and convince, Caliph8, to lend a playlist for our consumption. For those who do not know him, Caliph8 is, by the words of lay people, a DJ, but I would rather not say such, because he is simply more than an DJ. He is a visionary, initially working on hiphop music before venturing into and incorporating textured sounds derived from funk, soul, psychedelia, acid, bossa...probably every beat that he can lay his hands on. If you are familiar with his works, you can actually glean a bit of a punk influence too. (Yay! Yay!)

His most known accomplishment has got to be the founding of the radical hip-hop group A.M.P.O.N. He is likewise with the band called Drip (yes I am sure you've heard about these guys). Also a graffiti and visual arts purveyor, he has done a lot of collaborations (i.e. live scorings) with the filmspeople. Caliph8 is a lot more, his personality as textured and rich as his works, and probably one of the most adorable and nicest people to talk to in the scene.

Check out his MySpace Site HERE. (Photo also comes from this site.)

Enough now, folks, and do your own research too. The title of the playlist is SevenPlusOne (Expressionist Mix), as done by Caliph8. Tracklist here:

Acutel (intro)
Beats by Numbers - Transcendence
Forms - Arif Mardin
Les Electroniciens - Bruno Spoerri
On the underground road - Santucci Scoppa
Fotomodelle - Pierro Umiliani (Caliph8 Remix)
Man is Not a Bird - Broadcast
Kriminal Theme
Cha Tatch Ka - Bernard Estardy
Bridge - Amon Tobin
On Your Marks - Bonobo
Soul for Sahib - Koop
The O.G. - Goo
Esquetando Os Tambourinos E Cuica
Neon Massive - Icarus Remix
Michio - Pu22l3 (Caliph8 Deconstruction)

Thank you very much, Caliph8. Looking forward to more playlist, yes? Hahah!

Updates from last Saturday's gig coming up later. ;)

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