Friday, April 9, 2010

Free The 43 Gig Last March 31, And A Sneak Peak from Music Speaks' Event Last April 6

Before I give you a rundown of what happened last March 31 at Ten02 Bar, let me just show you a photo from Music Speaks' event last April 6 at Route 196.

It is not too often that one gets to see Al Dimalanta of Throw and Lourd de Veyra of The Radioactive Sago Project together onstage. It should be remembered that Lourd played guitars in Dead Ends' 4th album, Mamatay Sa Ingay.

(To those who did not know, Lourd is also a fierce guitarist, though he admits to not having touched the guitar for quite sometime. About time, Lourd? *hint, hint*)

More on Music Speaks later. In the meantime ...


Band-Aid 43, the benefit gig for the Morong 43 group, was a well-attended affair. I initially cursed myself for coming in late and missing Bobby Balingit's set, but on the whole all the bands gave a spirited performance, the most notable of which came from Anak Ni Aling Juana and Tolonguez Death Squad. Nuklus, pinoy rock veterans from way back 80s, likewise delivered an inspired set.

The event was emceed by Nato and Odel of Tolonguez Death Squad. Here are some more photos and a slideshow from the said gig.

Nycti Nasty


Anak Ni Aling Juana


I have to thank a friend, Mavie, for taking care of me (hahah!) during the entire gig. It's been ages, my dear friend, and always, it is music that provides the venue for us to see each other. Thank you very much.

The cause of the Morong 43 should not be left to oblivion, moreso now that the presidential election is looming. I will provide you with updates as they come.

(But wait, there's more...)

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