Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Music Speaks, April 6 at Route 196

Unang pagbasa ayon kay Lourd De Veyra

Oftentimes, overusing the phrase "random acts of kindness" annoys me a bit. I cannot fathom how choosing a definite recipient of a supposed random benevolence can be left to chance. Unfortunately, however, one is sometimes overcome by a feeling of a natural "high" (I am guilty, sometimes) and a want to just, just do something nice to anyone.

Caliph8 and Malek Lopez (Drip, Rubber Inc)

The phrase crossed my mind days ago. I, an ordinary denizen on the face of planet Earth, has been (and continues to be) a beneficiary of kindness in all forms, that sometimes I do wonder if any of these acts are actually "random". [Dear friends, tell me quick, your kindness is not at all random, isn't it? I deserve your generosity, yes? Hahaha!]

Take for instance, Music Speaks' first gig last April 6 over at Route 196 along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The planning of this gig was not without the usual hitches (unusual for me, a total vierge in the gig production arena). It was through the kindness of many people that gave its maiden gig its modest success. Is it random at all? Certainly not, perhaps ... but some actions are just purely pleasantly unexpected that they, too, may probably qualify as "random". Errr, am I making sense?

Call it what you want, then. :) Of course, a bunch of thank you's are in order.

To Erwin who conceptualised and pushed me hard into doing this gig with him, Arvin who was excited with the whole idea of "genre heterogeneity", Albert who did the posters and helped with the publicity, Leslie who effectively assisted specially with the legwork, Mina who did the Music Speaks logo, Hil for the additional promo.

Sago + Caliph8 on drum machine + Malek on keyboards

To Radioactive Sago Project, Malek Lopez, Caliph8, Throw (with Al sporting a spanking new tattoo - w000t!), and The GoSignals (Mel, thank you, you know why) - it was a most fantastic set. Grabe, mind-blowing.

The GoSignals: we joyfully wait for your full-length album ;)

To Route 196 for providing us with a great venue.

Throw with Lourd on guitars

To the guests who opened their minds and hearts (and their schedules too!) to the vision that we have of the kind of gig that we wanted to offer that night. And to everyone else whom I missed, a million thanks.

To those who did not make it to the gig, TOO F***IN' BAD! Hahaha! How does Radioactive Sago Project + Caliph8 + Malek Lopez on a single stage sound to you? How about Throw with Lourd De Veyra on guitars? Or The GoSignals doing a full set of nearly 100% fresh originals?

It was a great night. We were very happy with the response and another gig should be up sooner than you think. Till next time, mes amis et amies.

[This event somewhat coincided with Je Bautista's first death anniversary, which was on an Easter Sunday, April 4. I know that he is happy wherever he is, moreso that we have finally pushed through with what he had wanted to do the whole time.]

Le chemin est loin et difficile, je sais, mais d'accepter le défi. Toujours toujours. We dance to the death. Yes!

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