Friday, June 25, 2010

Keb Daaaarrrrrge!!!

Keb! Keb! Keb!

Keb Darge did a series of sets two weeks ago, and a post may be quite late in coming. It is such a waste, however, not to write about Keb, and his great set, and the fantastic night that I had over at Ten02 last June 11.

My first encounter with Keb took place last year, at The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf coffee shop, of all places. I remember quite well the conversation he had with Je (Or was it Je who related excerpts of their conversation with me? I cannot remember anymore.). Keb's style of playing is straightforward and he does not indulge much in sound manipulation and loops and such. It is all about in-your-face music.

Two weeks ago, Keb did a couple of sets: I was at the Ten02 leg of his series of gigs. His repertoire was a rousing mix of northern soul, garage, and rockabilly, with some classics (Tutti Frutti, Johnny B. Goode) and recent tunes (Little Lil). Most of the audience responded with equally rousing dance moves (hahah!) At one point, Keb, the dancing master that he is, went down the DJ platform and danced to his heart's content. Guess who took over the turntable that time?

Keb's set was preceded by sets courtesy of Neighbors, Juan Pablo Dream, and Steady Movin' Beat, and the event was hosted by Bisikleta Productions' Hilboy and Neighbors' and Soundblasters' Jon Capistrano. By sunrise, the event was over. Or was it? Rumor has it that Keb will be back once again before the end of the year. An event with Keb is always enjoyable, never mind that he twirled the head off my neck as he attempted to make a dancing queen out of me. (Uh-oh, apparently I am not a very deft dancer like him and Bing.) Thank you Keb for the great moves, great music, and great time. As the great modern philosopher named Gonzales once said: I haven't stopped dancing yet. (Heehee!) Laters y'all!

Juan Pablo Dream

Steady Movin' Beat

The dancing crowd

Keb and Myra Ruaro

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