Sunday, November 23, 2008

At Last! Seen Scene Sin At Skalloween!

This post is, finally, ultimately, excruciatingly, up!Three weeks have passed since Bisikleta Productions' Skalloween, held last October 31 at Ten-02. (I still owe Bisikleta those photos.) Finally, Trash Radio Manila got to spin. What can I say? I had a whole lot of fun: the crowd was rowdy but generally well-behaved (emphasis on generally), the bands awesome, the food is good. (You guys ought to try Ten-02's cheese and garlic pizza and their classic spaghetti. Delicious!) Endless supply of beer and great music playing non-stop! Friendly faces showed up unexpectedly - what more can I ask.

The line-up was made up of the following: Dreadnot Used, Umble Uno, G2 and The Bundocks, Pink Cow (who did a rousing number with the Tolonguez Death Squad vox - amazing!), Beatdown Boombox, Nevertheless, The Wayfarers, Eastern Vibration, Steady Movin' Beat, and Earthlings. All the bands stood out, in more ways than one. But, as always, I have my own observations:

1. Pink Cow is a rising star. Francis undeniably has the voice and the stage presence.

2. You may say I'm biased, but Beatdown Boombox is one band that commands attention, and rightfully so.

3. But the best band of the night for me is The Wayfarers. The band was a joy to watch, even covering a Dolphy and Panchito spoof.

4. Bing Austria (of Juan Pablo Dream), the affair's host, was, as always, witty, glib, and nerdy, all at once. One of his most memorable lines: Lahat tayo, unique!!!

Here are some photos and a slideshow. Bisikleta Productions, for pulling this off, once again gets another tick in its scoreboard. Till next time, hunnies.

Photos: Edwin Aguilar of The Wayfarers, Ten-02 crowd, Dreadnot Used, Umble Uno, G2 and the Bundocks, Bing Austria, Pink Cow with Tolonguez Death Squad vox, the maddening crowd, Pink Cow's Francis, Beatdown Boombox, Nevertheless, Eastern Vibration, Steady Movin' Beat. Some shots courtesy of Trash Radio Manila's good friend Ish.

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