Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hey Hifny, the train has already left...

Depending on your point of view, trainspotting can be one of several things:

the act of mainlining heroin,
the act of looking over a DJ's shoulder to find out what record is being played,
the act of standing near railroad tracks to actually wait for trains pass by so one could log engine numbers and other stuff,
the act of creating a playlist out of train-related songs.
Or more sublimely, it's about trying to find out what we're actually trying to say with the song choices we have made.

Yeah... The Clash's "Train In Vain (Stand By Me)" would have been an obvious choice, which is probably why we left it out. And of course, there's no real mention of any train in the song, but Mick Jones reportedly once offered an explanation that the tune was akin to the rhythm that a train makes while running on railroad tracks. Your guess is as good as ours if that is just a load of BS. We're only sure that this is one of the best love songs ever recorded, bar Avril's "Girlfriend", the version of which by the Pigeon Detectives is much better ("Hell yeah, I'm a motherf**kin' princess!" sings Matt Bowman, the reluctant new Roger Daltrey).

OK! We're kidding! Here's the playlist, and some cuttings from the lyric sheets...

OCEAN COLOUR SCENE - "The Day We Caught The Train" (Acoustic)
"When you find that things are getting wilder...
Don't you want days like these...
Don't you NEED days like these..."

THE VAPORS - "Trains"
"Everybody I know has to face the trains
Everybody I know makes the same mistakes"

THE MOVEMENT - "Watching All Trains Leave The Station"
"Watching all trains leave the station
The world is passing by my window
Sick of all this repetition"

FISCHER Z - "The Worker"
"The hated journey on the train,
Always been the same,
Looking out windows,
Second class and second best,
What a waste of time..."

BYRON LEE and the DRAGONAIRES - "Night Train Ska"
Lyrics? Haha!

PRINCE BUSTER - "Train To Girls' Town"
“Now just for a second, take a look out the window
Look upon the hill
See that pretty house?
That's the house of the famous Judge Dread
Better known as Judge Four Hundred Years,
Y'know that man?
That's the man who cool the heat
With a rock steady beat”

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