Monday, November 10, 2008

We Destroy Rock N Roll

Because I am not done sorting my photographs of the Skalloween gig yet, and because the account on Conquest Of Death's gig at Cainta last Friday has yet to arrive in my mailbox (paging correspondent from the new group The Tulisans), let me amuse you first with a little tale.

Grunge made it big here in the 1990s; but the same thing cannot be said though about the so-called Britpop sound which is said to have been a reaction to the massive grunge phenomenon originating from the US. I know for a fact that the likes of Oasis and Blur enjoyed considerable airplay then, but the airplay devoted to rest of the Britpop bands (Menswear, Pulp, Sleeper, Lush, Echobelly, etc.) were no match to the amount of time spent on the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.

It is a pity that these British bands did not become so popular here. They would have provided a very interesting counterpoint to the grunge sound that was dominating the local radio. A good summary on the history of Britpop can be found here.

I like the aesthetics and the quaintness evoked by these Britpop tunes. Aside from this, Echobelly's "Insomniac" keeps on playing in my mind, and my musical programmer would give anything to score a date with Louis Wener of Sleeper (a very interesting article discussing her take on motherhood appears here). These should be sufficient reasons for us to give you this playlist. Enjoy while you wait, hunnies.

SUEDE - Animal Nitrate
MENSWEAR - I'll Manage Somehow
ECHOBELLY - Insomniac

(Ok, so why does the younger, more contemporary band Pigeon Detectives appear in the list? We'd like to believe that, contrary to the belief that Britpop died in the late 90s, it is definitely still up and about albeit in another form maybe. That pretty 7" you see at the left comes from our Belgian radar, the inimitable Alain Caby who wouldn't miss trading a slab of colored vinyl for a bottle of his favorite "kabayo" with a dash of "tagay" by the side. Cheers Amigo! You'll see more of him soon enough. *wink)

Photo of Brett from this site.

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Anonymous said...

Any woman who has a pen that could write "Dostoevsky" and "household tips" in a single line ought to have lots of grey matter between her ears. Now that's sexy. :D

And yeah, "We should both go to bed / Till we make each other sore" is infinitely more descriptive than "Under the iron bridge we kissed / And although I ended up with sore lips".

OK, enough of the Moz bashing. :) He is great, too. But he has three legs. :P