Thursday, June 5, 2008

FRIDAY DISTORTION featuring Choke Cocoi and T.S.A.: The Aftermath

I must say, our Singaporean connections never disappoint!

I may not have seen this gig held last May 23 at Music Garage along Queens St. (errr, that's in Singapore), but our dear friends in the Lion City were kind enough to lend me their pics and a review of the gig. You guys are marvelous, thank you soooooo much, I love you, and you don't even have to bribe me with laptops, kaya jam and ice cream for me to say that. Naks!

Find out below what happened last May 23 at Friday Distortion II, which featured Choke Cocoi and T.S.A., as well as Singapore's own Subtle Revenge, Secret Seven, Pazahora, and Distrust. This review is written by The Mr. Alvin himself, purveyor of noise and things footie. Photos are provided by The Mr. Ojie, drummer extraordinaire and daddy groovy, with the exception of the Choke Cocoi gig photo which comes from their MySpace.


Re: Hardcore Punk Gig at Singapore - the aftermath

Filipinos can rock! As usual, the Filipino contingent OWNED the gig last Friday (23 May 2008). No offense to the Singapore lads, they did great, too.

There was a feeling of anticipation in the air because of the two foreign acts (well, actually one is already based here in Lion City) and they didn't disappoint.

The T.S.A. Runaway Freight Train

T.S.A. played second and boy, did they destroy everybody with their brand of tight and fast hardcore punk. Well, what do you expect from these guys who started playing in the 1940's in the Phils. hehe.

Ripping through their set with songs from their 2 CDs and some covers, they got the crowd slam dancing and stage diving. Pure and fun energy all the way. Their brand of punk is a refreshing change from the crappy ones passed as "hardcore and punk" nowadays. Fashioncore? Eyeliners? Pink thongs? T.S.A. is not that. Who else can pull off a mix of covers from NYHC legends Cro-Mags and Madball and DC mothertruckers Minor Threat plus their own songs and not sound like a punk show band? T.S.A. can.

Rumor has it that a 3rd album (I hope it's in a cd format, not cassette) is in the offing. Forget about the future. Get their 1st and 2nd cds. It's dirt cheap SGD 6 only. Free, if you get it in one of their shows. Hehe.

My body is 50% vegetable right now because of the pit generated by this band: the other 50% is vegetable too, but the suspects are the next band.

P.S. I asked one of my friends who went to the show what he thought of the TSA set: Two words - TIGHT, FU*K.

The Choke Cocoi Bulldozer

Which comes down to the mainliner: CHOKE COCOI.

Who would travel thousands of miles from the Phils. to play shows in Singapore and Malaysia for free? Choke Cocoi did! This 4-piece all girl band rips. Their brand of hardcore is more of the modern sounding type, not because they look young (I'm assuming they're still young and obviously younger than T.S.A.). Damn, these girls really have a mean sounding sound. The crowd was singin' along and the girls just gave a monster set. I'm not sure what they're singin' about but I'm pretty sure it's not about peace, love and understanding (and what girls talk about when they go to restrooms together? Who knows really?). At first, I don't know what to expect but since this was an underground show, expect everything. Judging from the crowd reaction, I think they want Choke Cocoi back in the near future (of course, me too!). To cap off their set, a BIOFEEDBACK song!. Yes, that BIOFEEDBACK from the Phils., who I heard is worth having a tribute album ;) so if you want to experience the feeling of getting kicked in the balls by a girl, listen to Choke Cocoi.

Overall, a great night for the underground scene (especially, FILIPINO bands). Even if you don't like this kind of music, just check out these bands. It's fun, really.

Thanks to the organizers and let's hope more Filipino bands visit SG soon. Filipinos has been
represented well in the worldwide hardcore/punk scene. T.S.A. and Choke Cocoi are making sure that is preserved and at the same time, offering more.



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