Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 17 Part 2: Nalugi Na Ang Barberya Sa Dami Ng...

If you can finish the above statement, which happens to be a line off Bentot's "Jeprox", then you must have been around for quite some time, when long hair was still in vogue, jeepneys were sporting Kiss posters, Rizal Avenue was wide and bright, and a hundred peso bill was more than enough for shopping at Good Earth Emporium and snacks at a nearby ice cream house....

Those were also the days when a former army draftee turned jeepney driver turned bus driver decided to form a rondalla with his fellow drivers, and wrote a song about a very significant event in Philippine history. The song, "Magellan", was released under Kinampay records courtesy of the owner of the bus company, and the rest of this talented man's story is history.

For this segment we pay homage to Yoyoy Villame and Bentot, two artists from an era slowly slipping away from our consciousness, as we play some of their songs that we digitized from the records which come straight from our vinyl collection. (Yes, we are very lucky to have that rare original pressing of Yoyoy's "Magellan" out of Kinampay Records in our possession. Bentot's record, too, for that matter.)

Also in the playlist is Lolita Carbon of the folk group Asin and her session band Nene. The song "Bayle Ta" was written by Cocojam's Rolly Maligad (who also shared vocals with Lolit) and was released in the early 90s, shortly after Carbon's stint with the musical supergroup Lokal Brown.

Shuffle Union is in the list with one of those Long Island Dub permutations of their hypnotic song, "Batty Boy." Up next are tunes from two bands who had played in some editions of Skamax. Steady Movin' Beat, as far as I can remember, derived their name from a line off Put3Ska's "Short Stories", and are said to be singing about a rather unpleasant real-life situation in "Corporate Fool". On the other hand, Hopskatch, who started out covering Operation Ivy songs, did their take on a Deceased original titled "Abandoned Youth". Deceased? Covered by Hopskatch? Sounds interesting? Keep it here and find out how the boys fare. :)

Yes, yes. It's the start of another "jeprox" week. Glad to have you around, as always. Playlist is as follows:

2. BENTOT - "Jeprox"
4. SHUFFLE UNION - "Batty Boy"
5. STEADY MOVIN' BEAT - "Corporate Fool"
6. HOPSKATCH - "Abandoned Youth"
7. YOYOY VILLAME and the MB LINER RONDALLA - "Tsuper ng Jeepney"

Photo creds: Battle of Mactan from this site. Pic of Pugo and Bentot care of this site. SMB logo from their MySpace site. And the photo of the Magellan vinyl comes from my personal album ;)

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